Dream about your ideal body shape?

Next generation technology takes non-surgical body and face treatments
to another level to get you closer than ever before

Non-surgical Inch Loss

Medical technology has delivered a miracle. Non-surgical and non-invasive inch loss treatments
are now available in a range of methods that target a range of concerns.
We are able to combat stubborn fat, target pockets of fat, effectively reduce cellulite
and tighten skin that has lost its firmness. Treatments are available for both the face and body,
leaving you with no limits with what you can do.


Fat freezing, where 20-40% of fat cells treated are eliminated. Cryo works by freezing pockets of fat to -5 degrees celsius. These cells crystallise and die and are removed using the body’s natural waste system.


Cavitation uses ultrasound technology to create strong vibrations in the fat layer of the targeted area. The fat cells, unable to withstand the vibration, break down and are removed using the body’s lymphatic system.

Excellent service provided will definitely use them again

Harjinder, August 2020


HIFU works by initiating a SMAS tightening and collagen producing response in the targeted area. HIFU can be used for brow lofting, wrinkle reduction, jowl line lifting and overall rejuvenation. Results can be seen immediately after first treatment


The HIFU hand piece delivers focused heat energy which penetrates deep into the skin, exposing fat cells to high temperatures. The surface level skin remains unaffected as the high temperature causes rapid fat cell death.

Radio Frequency

Fat loss and skin tightening with zero damage to skin.
Tailored to your needs.


RF for Fat Loss

RF reduces fat by delivering energy 1-2cm into the skin and melts the fat cells. The fat cells explode and cause triglycerides (fat lipids) to release into the body, which are removed through the body’s natural waste.

RF for Skin Tightening

Similar to the fat loss procedure, the device penetrates a targeted area and heats it to 40 degrees celsius. At a depth of 3-4mm, the temperatures stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres, tightening the skin.

Amazing radio frequency facial. Very professional service will definitely be booking in again

Krupa, November 2019


Treat cellulite and facilitate lymphatic drainage to improve the results of other treatments.

The mechanical effects of the shockwave device not only permeate fat cells but strengthen connective tissue to reduce the appearance of cellulite.